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Itfits! The smart
footwear sizing tool!

Itfits! is an Addi.fit original product. It allows footwear eCommerce customers to find the best suggested shoe size.

We use an artificial intelligence algorithm called Fitrank to create a 3D model of the foot with just one photo. Itfits! then gives the user the suggested size for the shoes who are present in database.

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Why shoe and footwear
eCommerces should use Itfits!

On average, according to iQmetrix, 20% of clothing and consumer goods purchased online are returned by customers because of wrong sizes.

Even worse, consumers using an inaccurate size calculator may not know how inexact it is, and, therefore, they’re not able to communicate this to the retailer.

This affects not only the product returns but also the user shopping experience and the eCommerce’s reputation.

Footwear eCommerces that have integrated Itfits!:

  • Immediately experienced a consistent decrease in returns rate;
  • Improved conversion rate;
  • Had more satisfied customers.

All these things lead to the most important objective for any eCommerce: increased sales!

We’re ready to satisfy your every need and develop a personalised integration program designed just for you.

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Why Itfits! is different from other foot measurement tools

Precise & Accurate

Itfits! can manage different smartphone cameras and shadows. Thanks to continuous upgrades and improvements, the accuracy of our foot scanning tool has reached 1mm.

Easy to use

Consumers don’t need to download another app and the process is really intuitive. It needs only one picture taken with a smartphone. The buying process is straightforward and allows you to exploit all the potential of your eCommerce platform.

Size Guide

A lot of users abandon eCommerce websites without a size guide in favour of those who invest in one. If your eCommerce doesn’t have a size guide, we will help you build one before integrating Itfits!

Added value

Itfits! generates value for your final customers. A straightforward shopping experience improves the online reputation of any footwear eCommerce and gives you a competitive advantage.

Want to know more
about how Itfits! works?

We could explain how we developed our Fitrank algorithm, but we prefer to show you how Itfits! works with a simple video.
This is just the first stop on our mission to revolutionise the eCommerce world.
If you’re interested in some real case studies of eCommerces that have integrated itfits! you may find this blog post interesting.

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We need you to help customers from all over the world to find the perfect shoes. So we developed a special partnership program for:

  • Web agencies and software houses

  • Developers and freelancers

You’ll get exclusive partner resources and training to help you increase your revenue per client such as:

Strategic support to create dedicated size guides for any eCommerce platform

Dedicated strategic support for Itfits! integration

10% commision for revenue generated by Itftits!

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“Itfits! gave a boost to my clients’ eCommerce customer acquisition.”

Daniel CasarinCEO, Adv Media Lab

“It is not a simple service. Itfits! improves the whole online shopping experience!”

Emanuele AnselmiCEO, Italian Design Farm